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How to prevent a flat graph?

I'm Using MMA 7

Graphics[{Line@Transpose@{xs, f[xs]}}]

sometimes seems to fail to use AspectRatio->Automatic. The resulting graph may be flat. If I use

Graphics[{Line @ Transpose @ {xs,1000 f[xs]}}]

I get a nice graph. Why does AspectRatio->Automatic sometimes not happen?

POSTED BY: William Marks
3 Replies

Would you have a nb to upload? I have Mma 7 but I am not clear what is meant by "flat".

POSTED BY: Isaac Abraham
Posted 9 years ago

AspectRatio->Automatic obtains the aspect ratio from the coordinate values, so if the Y values are much smaller than the X values the graph will be flat. The default aspect ratio is 1/GoldenRatio, which is a fixed number, independent of the scaling of values. That is likely what you want. So just remove the AspectRatio option.

POSTED BY: David Keith
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