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Nonlinear pdes system / boundary condition at infinity

Posted 9 years ago

I have a system of pdes and i'm trying to find some travelling waves solution. the system is: ( s=s(x,t), i=i(x,t)


steady states of interest (lambda, 1-lambda), (1,0)

by putting z=x+ct and differentiating respect to z I find:


now i want to solve this system of odes in whic the boundary condition are given by: s(-inf)=1 s(+inf)=lambda i(-inf)=0 i(+inf)=1-lambda and all the derivatives al +inf and -inf are equal to 0 to satify the steady state conditions;

any thoughts on how i could plot s and i over z?

Thank you

POSTED BY: mario beraha
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I don't think this one is easy to solve, the infinite domain makes it harder.

POSTED BY: Kay Herbert

There seem to be inconsistencies in your equations: shouldn't it be w'=c w - alpha i (s- lambda) ?

POSTED BY: Kay Herbert
Posted 9 years ago

yes i missed that typo thank you, but still i cannot get any reasonable solution!

POSTED BY: mario beraha
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