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When the movie file is made from Animate....

Posted 9 years ago


I want to make a animation movie 'swf' file using Animate as below. But I think that the video frame rate is fast. How can I control (or slow down) the frame rate ? And one more thing is that when the video is made, the movie goes forward and backward again. I want only forward direction. I have tried as many options of Animate as possible. Could you help me.......?

Ah, another stupid question is... when I use 'GIF' extension, it does not work with Animate. The created 'GIF' file is not animated. What is this reason...? Thank you in advance.

AAAMovie = Animate[GraphicsGrid[{{Plot[x^2 + q^2 x, {x, 0, 10}, ImageSize -> size], Plot[(x + q)^2 + 2 x, {x, 0, 10}, ImageSize -> size]}}], {q, 0, 5}, DefaultDuration -> 5, RefreshRate -> 10]

POSTED BY: hwoarang Polar
3 Replies

hi hwoarang,
I think this is the animated gif you are looking for:

  GraphicsGrid[{{Plot[x^2 + q^2 x, {x, 0, 10}, ImageSize -> size], 
     Plot[(x + q)^2 + 2 x, {x, 0, 10}, ImageSize -> size]}}
  {q, 5}],
 "DisplayDurations" -> 0.5,
 Background -> LightBlue]

DisplayDurations is 1 picture each 0.5 second. In total 5 pictures by using Table.

Posted 9 years ago

Thank you,Pieter for the reply.

I agree that "Table" works well, and I did with this. But the interesting problem is that when one tries to use Plot function directly with Animate, the created movie file does not work. i) GIF file is not moving. ii) Movie files (swf or avi) are always moving both direction - forward and backward even though I have tried all options that I could do (including "AnimationDirection"). And also I have found that there were some persons who faced same problems in archive. But there was no one who had the solution for this. Do you have some ideas ?

Have a nice day. Thank you.


POSTED BY: hwoarang Polar

Hi Hwoarang,

This is an example with animate. It also shows the animate user interface in the animated gif:

slides = 1
qq =
     {{Plot[x^2 + q^2 x, {x, 0, 10}, ImageSize -> 200, 
        PlotRange -> {{0, 10}, {0, 1500}}],
       Plot[(x + q)^2 + 2 x, {x, 0, 10}, ImageSize -> 200, 
        PlotRange -> {{0, 10}, {0, 1500}}]}}
     ], {{q, k/slides, "slider:"}, 5, 15}],
   {k, 5*slides, 15*slides}];
qq = Join[qq[[1 ;; Dimensions[qq][[1]] - 1]], Reverse[qq]]; 
Export["testmani.gif", qq, "DisplayDurations" -> 1];

There was a problem with this code. It worked fine in mma 9. In 10.0.2 and 10.1 the slider jumps in a strange way. This because i didn't use a fixed PlotRange. Now it works as expected.

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