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Problem solving a PDE system

Posted 9 years ago

Could anyone give me a hint on how to solve (analytically and/or numerically) a system that looks like

[{C1 F1''[x] + C2 (F2'[x] F10'[x] + F20'[x] F1'[x] + F1[x] F20''[x] + F10[x] F2''[x]) + C0 F1[x] == 0,
 C1 F3''[x] + C2 (F2'[x] F30'[x] + F20'[x] F3'[x] + F3[x] F20''[x] + F30[x] F2''[x]) + C0 F3[x] == 0,
 F2''[X] + C3 (F1[x] + F3[x]) == 0},
 {F1[x], F2[x], F3[x]}, x]

where F1(x), F2(x) and F3(x) are the unknown functions, F10(x), F20(x) and F30(x) are known functions and C0, C1, C2, C3 are constants. Any ideas will be much appreciated.

POSTED BY: Juri Spativek

shouldn't be a problem with NDSolve if you provide the known functions and constants.

POSTED BY: Kay Herbert
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