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Cannot Rotate Graphic Output

Posted 4 years ago
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Dear amazing saver of a multi-variable student,

I am creating some visualizations about the topics that we discuss in class, however I have hit a kind of a snag. I am able to create the visualization and such, but for some reason I cannot click and rotate the graphic output. My friend is able to on his computer using the exact same code, but I am sadly not able to. I have no idea what the problem is. It must be something blatantly obvious, I am sorry about my "newbieness" with this. The output is an image instead of something I can click on and rotate.

PS: I tried Internet Explorer. I can rotate it on there, but is there some setting on Chrome that disables it?

PSS: Okay, I give up. Even on Internet Explorer, there are cases in which I cannot interact with the output. I am using Graphics3D. I don't understand! What is this problem???

Here is my code:

pointofcharge = {1,1,1}; pointofsecond = {5,5,1}; s = "Segment"; bob = VectorPlot3D[{x,y,z}-pointofsecond,{x,-10,10},{y,-10,5},{z,-10,10},PlotRangeAll, VectorPoints6,PlotRangePaddingNone,VectorStyles]; Show[bob,Graphics3D[Ball[pointofcharge,.5]],Graphics3D[Ball[pointofsecond,.5]], BoxRatiosAutomatic]

3 Replies
Posted 4 years ago


The rotatable graphics requires something called webgl.

Some computers can't do webgl. Here are some fancy examples of webgl:

My guess is they'll work on your friend's computer but not on yours.

I'm not sure for what purpose you might need the graphics to be rotatable, but you might consider making a Manipulate which rotates the graphics.

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