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Cannot Rotate Graphic Output

Posted 9 years ago

Dear amazing saver of a multi-variable student,

I am creating some visualizations about the topics that we discuss in class, however I have hit a kind of a snag. I am able to create the visualization and such, but for some reason I cannot click and rotate the graphic output. My friend is able to on his computer using the exact same code, but I am sadly not able to. I have no idea what the problem is. It must be something blatantly obvious, I am sorry about my "newbieness" with this. The output is an image instead of something I can click on and rotate.

PS: I tried Internet Explorer. I can rotate it on there, but is there some setting on Chrome that disables it?

PSS: Okay, I give up. Even on Internet Explorer, there are cases in which I cannot interact with the output. I am using Graphics3D. I don't understand! What is this problem???

Here is my code:

pointofcharge = {1,1,1}; pointofsecond = {5,5,1}; s = "Segment"; bob = VectorPlot3D[{x,y,z}-pointofsecond,{x,-10,10},{y,-10,5},{z,-10,10},PlotRange?All, VectorPoints?6,PlotRangePadding?None,VectorStyle?s]; Show[bob,Graphics3D[Ball[pointofcharge,.5]],Graphics3D[Ball[pointofsecond,.5]], BoxRatios?Automatic]

POSTED BY: Wilson Nguyen
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I'm not sure for what purpose you might need the graphics to be rotatable, but you might consider making a Manipulate which rotates the graphics.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

The rotatable graphics requires something called webgl.

Some computers can't do webgl. Here are some fancy examples of webgl:

My guess is they'll work on your friend's computer but not on yours.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Posted 9 years ago


POSTED BY: Wilson Nguyen
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