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Need help with starting WolframAlpha program>music>cannot hear sound

Posted 9 years ago

I have Windows 8.1, I purchased WolramAlpha/Pro, but CDF player is having trouble producing sound

[1] from both (I had it configured so they played; then I had a virus scare; Microsoft warned/Secur-Tek Support, Inc. charged $249 to fix it; they found the virus; afterwards I cannot hear the sound from the ringtones at (I purchased

WinZip 19.5 @ $37.90

QuickTime 7 @ $29.99

and I changed the preferences to MIDI file)

[2] when I click on one of the ringtones it now takes me to new page where I can e-mail the midi file which is made out of an url and when I copy and paste the url to Quicktime "open url", it gives me error code...

[3] the same problem occurs when I visit

Would someone please help me with this problem?

POSTED BY: Margaret Cho

When I go to the link in #1 (using the browser), I can hear some tones....I would start there (no W|a, no quicktime)...

Do you hear this?

POSTED BY: Aeyoss Antelope
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