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Fonts list in 10.1 is not the same as in 10.0.2.

Posted 9 years ago

Fonts available in version 10.1 are not the same as those in version 10.0.2. Is there a way to import or otherwise make the previous ones available?

POSTED BY: Tomas Garza
6 Replies

Wow! It works! Thanks awfully, George.

POSTED BY: Tomas Garza

In the Font Book Application, there is a menu item called "Export...". You could use this on your old computer to export the fonts from that and then use Font Book to import them on your new computer. No mucking about in the Library folders.

Thanks, George. I tried your suggestions, to no avail. The fonts library is hidden in some dark place. Perhaps the app responsible for this is Microsoft Word, which I seldom use, but is installed in my old Mac, and has the complete list of fonts, including "Cambria" and "Calibri". The new Mac doesn't have Word -and won't have it in the foreseeable future- so that I'll have to make do with the available fonts. Nothing of consequence.

POSTED BY: Tomas Garza

Use the OS X utility program Font Book to manage fonts on the system. I think that Mathematica only installs its own fonts, which do not include the ones you mention. They all have "Mathematica" in their font name.

If you feel comfortable with the process, you might have to poke around in the library folders on your old Mac to find the appropriate font files, copy them, and install them on the new. You may have installed these fonts at some time on your old computer, or an app that you installed installed them for you. You may have the font files stored elsewhere on your hard drive. I haven't tried this, but you might be able to use Migration Assistant to transfer only the fonts from your old system to the new.

Sure, that´s what I checked first. I must add that I changed my Mac for a new one as the main computer, and this is where I find the problem. My home use computer´s fonts list is different from that in the new one, both using v. For example, the old one has fonts "Cambria"and "Calibri", which don´t show in the new one. Is there some way to import these fonts?

POSTED BY: Tomas Garza

In the "Format" pulldown, click "Show Fonts..."

POSTED BY: S M Blinder
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