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RegionIntersection fails for some values with polygons

I want to find the intersection (region) of 2 polygons. I use RegionInstersection but it only works for some sizes, for example, when c=.5 it gives the correct result, but with c=.4 it only finds a line as intersection.

Area[r3[.5]] works fine...

Area[r3[.4]] does not work...

What is wrong?

b = 15.0; d = 4.0; lbp = 40.0; d1E = 2.; l1E = 7.0; d1D = d1E; l1D = 5.0;

r1 = Polygon[{{0, 0}, {lbp/2 - l1D, 0}, {lbp/2, d1D}, {lbp/2, d}, {-(lbp/2), d}, {-(lbp/2), d1E}, {-(lbp/2) + l1E, 0}}]; r2[c_] := Rectangle[{-1.1 lbp/2, -1.5}, {1.1 lbp/2, c}]; r3[c_] := RegionIntersection[r1, r2[c]];

2 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

There is indeed a problem (or bug?) here: Take the manipulate:

   Graphics[{EdgeForm[Black], FaceForm[Gray], r1, EdgeForm[Red], 
     FaceForm[],  r2[c]}, Axes -> True, 
    PlotRange -> {{-25, 25}, {-2, 7}}, ImageSize -> Medium]}], {{c, 
   2.5}, -.50, 6}]

enter image description here

If you move the c slider toward c <=2, one start getting the error

RegionMeasure::reg: r3[1.38] is not a correctly specified region. >>

or worse, the kernel quit (exited) with the "why the beep?" message: "The kernel Local has quit (exited) during the course of this evaluation". And you lose all previous function definitions...

However, I succeeded in making the plot:

ListLinePlot@Table[{c, Area[r3[c]]}, {c, 0, 4, .25}]

enter image description here

But any change in the plotting or table limits will give the" kernel exited" beep. This error or bug, with only a beep and the" kernel exited" message is typical for v10. on OS X10.10? I get this a lot of times using e.g. ParametricPlot3D. never got anything like this before.

POSTED BY: Erik Mahieu

This looks like it was also asked on Stack-Exchange ( Try using rational numbers instead of floating point numbers:

b = 15; d = 4; lbp = 40; d1E = 2; l1E = 7; d1D = d1E; l1D = 5;

r1 = Polygon[{{0, 0}, {lbp/2 - l1D, 0}, {lbp/2, d1D}, {lbp/2, d}, {-(lbp/2), d}, {-(lbp/2), d1E}, {-(lbp/2) + l1E, 0}}]; r2[c] := Rectangle[{-11/10 lbp/2, -15/10}, {11/10 lbp/2, c}]; r3[c] := RegionIntersection[r1, r2[c]];



POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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