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VO MathML output not completely compatible with Mathematica - fix known?

Posted 9 years ago

I'm trying to feed MathML output from a handwriting recognition program into Mathematica, but the MathMLs are not completely consistent. In particular, the MathML output uses <fence> in a way that works for rendering, but doesn't have enough semantic information for Mathematica. So if you write "a (3+b)" you get the MathML <math><mi>a</mi><mfenced><mrow><mn>3</mn><mo>+</mo><mi>b</mi></mrow></mfenced><math>" but Mathematica interprets that as a[3 + b]. Anyone know any way to make this work? You can't just replace mfenced in all circumstances without looking at the context or other uses of it in the default parenthesis meaning can get clobbered.

POSTED BY: Elaine Kant
POSTED BY: Elaine Kant
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