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Mathematica is much slower than usual

Posted 9 years ago

I haven't changed any settings or something, but when i open Mathematica 10.0.2 64-bit, win 7, everything is as usual, until "Opening welcome screen". At this point it says "formatting notebook contents" for 30 sec. And when it finally is ready, everything I do is slowed down (when pressing new document it takes seconds till its open). mathematica.exe uses tons of cpu that it usually doesn't.

When I open without showing welcome screen, it is a little better but still unusual.

What has happened?

I tried restart, reinstall, and move the files stored in AppData/Roaming, and AppData/Local, but nothing changes.

I also have an old version 8 installed. The welcome screen and starting up exhibits the same behavior, but unlike V10, any further action seems normally behaving.

After the reinstall, when I go to "Enter activation key", it opens a window saying activation succeeded, along with an error enter image description here

But the "Enter activation key" thing doesn't disappear from the help-menu.

POSTED BY: Søren Have
9 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

Windows 10 user here ... Mathematica runs fine !

POSTED BY: bogd timo
Posted 9 years ago

I never found the reason for Mathematica being so slow. But I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and the problems with Mathematica disappeared. I can only assume that my Windows 7 had some kind of configuration-problem.

POSTED BY: Heiner Sprung

I was "fortunate" to have to re-install my laptop with Windows 8.1. I reinstalled MM10.2 and it worked very fine but I was not pleased with the resolution of the fonts. Windows has quite some options so I played around with the display settings. I changed the setting for ClearType


Then the problems started! MM10.2 took 3 minutes to start and showing the formatting notebook etc. Starting Help took forever and changing back the settings didn't help. After a re-install (again) of Windows and leaving the display settings standard I checked a setting called "Make text and other items larger or smaller") and that solved the grainy fonts in my notebook. MM 10.2 now starts within 2 seconds and the help pages are instantaneous.

Changing the Graphics driver didn't solve it for me but it seems that MM relies on defaults somewhere down in the Windows world which could be altered installing windows updates. By caution I now check the updates before installing and won't update any driver or update related to graphics unless I have to..

I hope this helps.. I use a HP Envy TouchSmart 15-K048ND (with SSD and 16GB RAM)

POSTED BY: l van Veen

I just upgraded to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 7 Pro. Mathematica 10.2.0 was working great on Windows 7. But AFTER installing Windows 10 is when Mathematica developed the same symptoms: Very slow, always displaying "Formatting notebook contents". This is essentially the reverse of Heiner's situation.

I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Mathematica 10.2, but it did not resolve the problem.

Otherwise Windows 10 is rather nice and it will eventually become the next standard, so I have no desire to go back to Win 7 just so that Mathematica will work. Beside, there's no guarantee since this problem apparently exists in various Windows versions.

Does anyone else have this problem after upgrading to Windows 10?

POSTED BY: Cade Perkins
Posted 9 years ago

This is how i fixed mine on windows 7, but I believe the thing is exactly the same for windows 10, which i have now upgraded without problems. Try this:

  1. Go to control panel
  2. Choose "Show large icons"
  3. Press "Color management"
  4. Select the "Advanced" tab
  5. Turn off "Use windows screen calibration" if it is on.
  6. Press "Change system standards"
  7. In the first tab "Devices", choose the screen driver
  8. If any profile is attached to it, remove them all
POSTED BY: Søren Have

Success! It resolved the problem. Thank you!

A couple notes: I had to do step 6 before I could do step 5. Also, it was labeled "Change system defaults...". Otherwise the steps you outlined worked for Windows 10 because I was able to find the good ol' Control Panel. But with each new version of Windows, Microsoft keeps adding new views of settings and management that obscure much of details. During initial setup of Windows 10, I was prompted at some point to do a display calibration initiated by one of the new settings screens. I never imagined this would cause problems with particular software.

Would you mind sharing how you discovered the cause / solution? I searched the KB and contacted support and got no help. I also did not find anything else on the forums. I'm sure my experience is not unique, but as a developer I am always curious at the disconnect between the user community and official support and development.

POSTED BY: Cade Perkins
Posted 9 years ago

"I had to do step 6 before I could do step 5" - Same for me!

On i asked pretty much this question. Very fast somebody linked me to a 20 days older similar question that was asked, where someone answered he had had this problem and fixed it by graphic card driver updating. This reminded the asker of screen calibrating might be the thing. When I read that I was reminded too, but I didnt know how to undo screen calibration. Microsoft's help forum helped me through.

POSTED BY: Søren Have
Posted 9 years ago

I have the same problem on my Win7 64. Mathematica.exe consuming a lot of cpu-load. It shows "formatting notebook contents" every other second. On the whole it works very slow. Nothing has been changed on the mathematica system. I'm not quiete sure if there is a connection with recent windows updates. At least, the problem appeared after windows got its updates. I checked the system for viruses, but nothing was found. I do not run two versions of mathematica. I would be glad, if somebody could give a hint to make mathematica run as fast as it did before...

P.S.: I use Mathematica 10.1

POSTED BY: Heiner Sprung

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Simon Cadrin
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