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How to pluralize coordinate data.

Posted 9 years ago

Here is my code:

(* Take inputs for ECEF *) x = Input["What is the x coordinate?"]; y = Input["What is the y coordinate?"]; z = Input["What is the z coordinate?"];

(* Put in Coordinate Form *) GeoPositionXYZ[{x, y, z}, "ITRF00"];

(* Convert to LLA *) GeoPosition[%]

(* Display Map *) GeoGraphics[GeoMarker[GeoPosition[%]],GeoRange -> "World", GeoProjection -> "Robinson"]

It lets me input coordinates for one point in ECEF, then converts it to latitude/longitude/height and shows it on a map.

  1. I want to keep showing the 2d map... but I also want to show a 3d globe that locates the coordinates on the 3d cartesian plane also.
  2. I need to be able to put in more than one coordinate. It needs to keep asking for more x's, more y's, more z's... until I stop inputting them. Eventually it's going to be modified to pull them out of a text file, but for now these two changes need to be made. Any ideas/hints/help/guidance is appreciated. Thanks.
POSTED BY: Nathan Lundholm
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