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New Approach to Training

Hi After having taught several official wolfram training a and having seen several students next to being exhausted of the bombarding of concepts and basics after several hours of teaching, I kind of wonder whether there are better ways of teaching than this long sessions where the teacher speaks and the student listens. Any idea how to change that. Anyone interested n discussing this ?
POSTED BY: Carsten Herrmann
2 Replies
Hi José, Agreement your Project Driven Approach may be addictive. And of course if you allow I may use your project.
I would like to be more systematic. First of all I would like to state what the goals of your project are, I would like to state a few basic points that you would like to uncover when doing the project. Which one do you have in mind ? Or is it just to create enthusiasm ?

POSTED BY: Carsten Herrmann
Posted 11 years ago
One of the most sucessful Mathematica activities that I have is one where first I show the students how to create a chess piece with a solid of revolution, and then I ask them to create a Coke bottle with the same procedure, see the last pages of this PDF: 
This activity is really adictive, students want to continue trying to improve their coke after working several hours on it. Really. And my "students" have been both 18-years old engineering students, and their 40+ years old teachers, all get trapped by this activity. 
First: they learn by doing. Second: they can asses their own work, they can easily say if their revolution solid looks or not like a coke. Third: there is room for creativity (take a picture of a real coke, measure it, try using trigonometric functions, etc) I guess those are some of the elements of an engainging activity.
Jose, Mexico
POSTED BY: Jose Gomez
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