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ImageAssemble on a List of Images with an Incompatible Number of Channels

Posted 12 years ago
I have some images with an incompatible number of channels that I want to combine into a single image. Can I preprocess them so that I can use ImageAssemble? Thanks.
In[17]:= Head /@ {i1, i2, i3}
Out[17]= {Image, Image, Image}
In[18]:= ImageDimensions /@ {i1, i2, i3}
Out[18]= {{50, 200}, {300, 200}, {50, 200}} 

Evaluating the following gives the message: ImageAssemble::chan:
Expecting images with a compatible number of channels.
In[19]:= ImageAssemble[{i1, i2, i3}];
In[20]:= ImageChannels /@ {i1, i2, i3}
Out[20]= {4, 3, 4} 
POSTED BY: Jay Warendorff
2 Replies
Or SetAlphaChannel on the one that's missing a transparency.
POSTED BY: Jeremy Michelson
It seems images one and three have an alpha channel (transparency value). You can take care of it with RemoveAlphaChannel[].
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