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MOOC based on Mathematica

There are more and more very interesting mooc available, on all sort of topics. Unfortunately with no universaly accepted computational language, each mooc, even if not specifically related to programming, will many times have a preference or be based on a specific language, and somehow force you into learning it.

Not that it is not interesting to learn new languages and systems, but, sometimes, all we have time is to concentrate on the main topic of the mooc, and not on the background working tools...

So, I'm starting to list the mooc of my field of interest that require the less investment on the background tools (for the skeptics, and I did receive some comments before on this type of lazy attitude ..., would you learn another spoken language just to assist to a gardening training? Where's the limit? For some, time is an extremely short resource)

With this in mind, and since this is the Wolfram community, what mooc do you know that are based on Mathematica, or other Wolfram technology?

(Again, I mean based, and not main topic, if there is such thing...)

POSTED BY: Pedro Fonseca
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