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I want to put a Tooltip in the middle of a text . 'Is it possible?

Text text text Tooltip text text text


POSTED BY: Ernesto Espinosa
2 Replies

Create a text cell and type:

Text text text 

now type Ctrl-9 to start an inline cell and type

Tooltip[OutputForm@"Tooltip","Hellow World"]

now press a right arrow to get outside the inline cell and type: text text text

You should now see:

Text text text Tooltip[OutputForm@"Tooltip","Hellow World"] text text text

Now triple click the tooltip command in order to select the complete inline cell

And finally evaluate it in place (Ctrl-Shift-Enter)

POSTED BY: Gustavo Delfino

Thanks a lot Gustavo. I have two questions:

  1. How do I edit if I have errors? I know that I can see the code for this simple case. (Shift-Ctrl-e).

  2. I Dont know what to do when I have a complicated tooltip and desire edit the original tooltip. Or several changes in the working notebook. Best regards

POSTED BY: Ernesto Espinosa
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