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Hyperlink to a URL within a pdf file

Posted 9 years ago

In 10.2, I've created a text cell that has a hyperlink to

When I save the notebook as a *.pdf via File / SaveAs, the text appears but without hyperlink.

How can I preserve the link in the *.pdf file? Thanks.


POSTED BY: Bruce Colletti
4 Replies
Posted 6 years ago

and you did not try to find a solution to the problem using other resources? I can recommend an alternative, there are many functions for working with pdf files. maybe you will find something else for yourself using this resource

POSTED BY: steve korn

I think that this bug has not received the attention in deserves. I see that a lot of effort has been put into making Mathematica a great solution for report generation, so I don't understand why this bug has not been solved after several v10 releases.

Ideally one would create the reports in CDF format only, but in the real world, the PDF version is always needed as a backup for maximum compatibility.

POSTED BY: Gustavo Delfino
Posted 9 years ago

Thanks, Marco. Thank goodness I keep 8.0 around for certain types of printing. I now get the hyperlink in 8.0 but without the underlining (although another Stack Exchange discussion addressed this, it didn't work for me). But it'll do.

Hopefully the next version will correct this lingering issue.


POSTED BY: Bruce Colletti
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