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Pixel sorting according to different methods

Posted 9 years ago

Inspired by a tweet from Wolfram Research and their link to this, I made this Manipulate. Hopefully it will inspire others to do better?

 Image[RotateLeft[#, t] & /@ 
   RotateLeft[SortBy[ImageData[im], fun[#[[All, c]]] &], s]],
 {{fun, First, "function applied"}, {First, Last, Mean, Median, Norm, 
   Normalize, StandardDeviation, Total, Accumulate, 
   Flatten@Gather[#] &, Sort, Commonest, Differences, 
   TrimmedMean[#, .35] & -> "trimmedMean", 
   TakeLargest[#, 1] & -> "takelargest", Nearest[#, {0, 0, .5}] &}, 
 {{c, 1, "color"}, {1 -> "red", 2 -> "green", 3 -> "blue"}, SetterBar},
 {{s, 0, "shift up-down"}, -200, 200, 1},
 {{t, 0, "shift right-left"}, -200, 200, 1}]

The original pic is here One result of pixel sort is here

enter image description here

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