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Is Mathematica 10.2 intended to work under Windows 10?

Posted 6 years ago
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Since my Mathematica 10.2 installation CD only lists Windows Vista/7/8 the obvious answer is 'no'.

But I would like to know whether other Windows 10 users encounter the same problems:

I can't interact with Wolfram Demonstrations (they ask me to install the CDF Player although the latest version is installed). Further, I can't access my printer from Mathematica (although other installed non-MS programs, such as OpenOffice Writer, allow this). Also surprising: in text input sometimes the insert mode gets lost, as does the cursor.

2 Replies
Posted 6 years ago

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Posted 6 years ago

Hi Ulrich,

Earlier this summer (mid July) I had a similar problem in interacting with Wolfram Demonstrations. Windows 8.1. After installing Mathematica 10.2.

It was solved by waiting a couple of weeks, until a new installer had come out. Then reinstalling Mathematica 10.2.

Details of the problematic version: 10.2.0 5353456

My current, working, version:

enter image description here

I have since then upgraded the PC to Windows 10. No problems.

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