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[Jobs] Project Engineer - Electrical/Mechanical [AC Kinetics, Inc]

Posted 6 years ago
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AC Kinetics is a company based in Armonk, NY (Westchester County, NY) that develops software to optimally control hardware systems. One current product is software for an AC induction motor drive that saves energy in the motor while simultaneously improving its performance. AC Kinetics is a small, 3-year-old startup with a core team of MIT-educated inventors who have been working together for 20 years. We develop new technologies in a variety of areas and bring them to market. We pride ourselves on a friendly, relaxed office environment. We are looking for someone to join us for an exciting opportunity.


  1. Algorithm development and coding for real time systems in C
  2. In-house and offsite hardware performance testing
  3. Interfacing with Drive Manufacturers to integrate AC Kinetics software
  4. Hardware and software debugging
  5. Willingness to periodically travel
  6. Technical presentations and technology demonstrations


Real-time C coding, IDEs (such as CodeComposer), Mathematica, SystemModeler, proficient with Laboratory equipment such as oscilloscopes, signal generators, National Instruments data acquisition hardware and software. Familiarity with motors and power electronics is a plus. We extensively use Mathematica and we are getting started with SystemModeler.

Requirements 3+ years experience working with real-time systems or equivalent educational background for recent graduates. Successful software development experience. BS degree in engineering, computers, or physics a must, Masters or PhD degree is a plus. Knowledge/experience with control systems is a plus.

Personal Attributes:

  1. Self-starting
  2. Organized
  3. Skilled in verbal and written technical communications
  4. Flexibility to respond to changing priorities

Email cover letters and resumes to Please no calls or visits.

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