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This week's Computer-Based Maths Summit and who you can meet at there

Posted 3 years ago
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The week of this year's CBM Summit in London (Thursday & Friday November 19 & 20) , and the line-up of forward-thinking educators set to speak has taken shape. These key speakers include:


Jaak Aaviksoo

Jaak Aaviksoo

enter image description here

Conrad Wolfram

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And if you'd like more detail on who's who, and some more names to whet your appetite, then the full profiles of the speakers are now up for reading online.

Will the CBM summit speeches be uploaded on the CBM YouTube channel? The ones from 2013 were extremely interesting. Waiting for the ones from 2015... =)

Hi Pavlo. The answer is yes! We had a professional crew there and we're just working through the business of editing. It shouldn't be too long before they go up.

Richard, any updates?

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