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When will CDF players be available for the iPad?

Posted 8 years ago
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With the education market (and others) increasingly turning to iPads and away from PCs, is there any news about when CDFs can be viewed on iPads? I've seen a YouTube video showing a CDF running, made in 2012, but nothing since then.
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And, let's add right away, when will we have a CDF player for Android?
I can respond with text from our CDF website:

"We are actively pursuing solutions for mobile devices, including cloud-based services, to make CDF available to anyone, anywhere.
The iPad is an important part of our CDF strategy for accessing educational apps, business reports, and other interactive computational material."

And indeed there is some cool stuff coming, but you'll just have to stay tuned.
Thanks André, looking forward to it.
Dear André,

I know that you guys are probably annoyed by the situation the most. But can you be a bit more specific? How can it be that over a year ago you post a working example that obviously you have in the box, but that for some reason (my guess is problems with Apple) you can not get it out there and Wolfram doesn't communicate anything from that front.

A lot of people are waiting for cdf on the ipad, wolfram widgets for ibook author, and I am sure this is gonna change scientific book publishing big time.
Can you give somewhat of a time frame,  to know if its worth to wait?

Thanks, Konstantin
As we expected, implementing CDF for iPad to the usual WRI standards has many challenges, but we've been making great progress and you should be hearing more soon.

Hi Andre,

Any more progress on the CDF player for the iPad? Mathematic online doesn't seem to be very fast on the iPad and doesn't have the functionality that a local CDF player would have. One the greatest features that I use is the slider that moves dynamically. Mathematica online only computers statically after you move the slider. Thank you in advance for any information you can give.

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