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I don't like the warnings

Posted 6 years ago
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I do not like compiling to deliver a completed job when I encounter warnings in the compilation. I have warnings like:

  • Could not combine the graphics objects in

  • Coordinate {Cos [ $ CellContext`aSen] No [$ CellContext`aSen]} Should be a pair of numbers, or to Scaled or Offset form.

  • Graphics colorr is not a primitive or directive.

To see them use: File-> CDF Preview-> CDF Player

The code works, but I get nervous.

Will it work in the future?

If delete Dynamic gives me errors intead of warnings.

I am stuck.


Hi Ernesto,

I'm not exactly clear on what your question is, but if you are hoping to output the results of your code to .cdf, then you can wrap everything in a DynamicModule as I've done in the attached file. I also made it a Manipulate in the second cell as a guess to what you are hoping to do.

Hope this helps. Kyle

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