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Simulation of Batch Culture Fermentation

Posted 6 years ago
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Hi, everybody, This is an idea that i want to share with you before that this year had finished, It´s a simulation of a simple batch culture (i.e., in a yeast culture). I would like to modify the initial conditions dinamically too, any idea?, Can I improve it with something else?.

Happy holiday!

Best regards. Ricardo Sánchez

2 Replies

Can you explain a little more what you are doing. It took a quick look at it. I make hard cider and so have some hands-on experience with fermentation. I don't see temperature as a factor. Or did I miss it?

Hi, yes, of course, maybe I can do it a word page for explaning this in a better way, but I am going to explain a little here. First, I do not have the energy balance for introducing the temperature, like you say, I am thinking how I can introduce it.

Well, I am trying to simulate a batch culture, and I am simulating this using unstructured models that describe the state of the bioreactor based on a single limiting substrate (glucose in this case) and consider only substrate uptake (S), biomass growth (X), and product formation (P). Thus, the biological component of the system depends directly on the macroscopic reactor variables. In the simulation I just want to Know how this variables changes with the modification of several parameters (alfa, beta, miu, kla, etc.), and of course, I want to estimate this parameters with experimental data of X, S and P.

Thank you for being interested and soonn I will send an extra for explain better my construction.

Best Regards. Ricardo Sánchez.

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