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Wolfram functions for the Raspberry Pi Sense Hat

Posted 9 years ago

I clearly remember reading detailed instructions for accessing the Raspberry Pi Sense Hat using Wolfram language functions but I can't find them now. I've searched the Wolfram, Raspberry, and Adafruit sites and I have found anything. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Just because I remember reading something doesn't mean I actually did. I may be misremembering the python instruction.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

~~Dan Wheeler

POSTED BY: Dan Wheeler
8 Replies
Posted 7 years ago

With Mathematica 11 for the Raspberry Pi now released, I am looking out eagerly for the examples. In mean time the documentation page

now shows me Chinese?! :-)

POSTED BY: Ted vanderTogt

This should be fixed, are you still seeing the documentation page in Chinese?


POSTED BY: Ian Johnson

Any new information for SenseHat support in Mathematica on the Raspberry Pi?

I just got a version 3 Pi for my son and he as been making his way through Steven W's programming book. I got the SenseHat to complement his programming. However, Mathematica cannot find it. I wanted to keep him in one language as he is just learning but now I will have to switch gears over to Python 3 since it can see and use the SenseHat.

WRI, In addition to the upcoming SenseHat support may you add a tutorial on accessing components (e.g. LEDs) on a breadboard. There are lots of these quick starts for other languages on Raspberry Pi. Wolfram Language is missing out on introducing them early.

POSTED BY: Edmund Robinson
Posted 8 years ago

Any news/update about the drivers? When I run FindDevices[] the output do not have SenseHat.

POSTED BY: Luis Mendes
Posted 8 years ago

I am also preparing some educational materials to use on the RaspberryPi and hoped I could make a nice demo with the SenseHat. The online documentation already referenced by Frederik looks promising, but when I do FindDevices[] the SenseHat is not listed. Is there a driver available for download?

POSTED BY: Ted vanderTogt

Any news on this? The online documentation shows that it should be possible to use DeviceOpen etc but when I try it on the Rasberry Pi 3 with everything updated the command fails.

Getting data wity Python works fine on the device so the sensor is working.

POSTED BY: Fredrik Doberl

I saw that in wolfram language documentation there is info about using senseHAT but OpenDevice["SenseHAT"] gives an error that can`t find SenseHAT device


FindDevices[] dosn't show SenseHat but other such as GPIO show

I will aprecitae for help

when I use python it works with senseHAT so ?

POSTED BY: Lukasz Surzycki
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