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Updated SystemModeler Examples Website

Posted 7 years ago
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We've done a major update to the SystemModeler Examples that you can find on We now have two major categories: Industry Examples and Education Examples. enter image description here

When you click on one of the topics, say Mechanical Engineering, you get to a page dedicated to that topic:

Mechanical Engineering Domain

For pages with educational materials there are difficulty legends to guide you. There are of course examples that are suitable for more than one level.

When you click through to an example, you get to the individual example page, where you can read about the example, see videos, interact with CDF dynamic content, or download the full model. The full model can also contain a Mathematica notebook with analysis and design material.

Individual example page

When you find an example that you want to share on social media, there are new share buttons to make that easy.

I hope you like the new pages and take a minute to browse through the examples!

POSTED BY: Johan Rhodin
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