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Presentation on parallel projections with interactive elements

Posted 6 years ago
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Hello, I would like to share my presentation on parallel projections with Interactive elements. This is resource is for future primary school teachers. It is in Russian but I hope it is still useful.

enter image description here

enter image description here

3 Replies

It opens without errors with Wolfram CDF-Player 11

Dear @Sam Carrettie! Thank you for your attention. Excuse for the late answer. But I haven't Mathematica notebook for this presentation. If you open my file "Paral.cdf" in Mathematica and mark all ?ells as "opened", you will see the code.

There are the references to primary sources -(cdf-demonstrations from at last page of my presentation.

Dear @Nadejzhda Assonova this is very nice! Can you also upload Mathematica notebook with code for your interfaces? This is in Russian and for us to reuse your presentation we need code to change interfaces to English.

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