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Step-by-step solutions of indefinite integral?

Posted 2 years ago
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Hi guys, do you know how could I solve an indefinite integral with step-by-step solution and specifying the variable of integration? For example:

WolframAlpha["cos(tw+f)cos(t*w)", IncludePods -> {"Indefinite Integral"}, PodStates -> {"Step-by-step solution", "Show all steps"}]

in this case Mathematica chooses as variable of integrazion w, but I would variable of integration is t. I tried to lunch:

WolframAlpha["[cos(tw+f)cos(t*w),{t}]", IncludePods -> {"Indefinite Integral"}, PodStates -> {"Step-by-step solution", "Show all steps"}]

but doesn't work.

Thank you for your help.

5 Replies
Posted 2 years ago

If in Mathematica I enter


and after WolframAlpha returns the result I tap on the grey + to show more information and then click on the orange step-by-step- solution then it shows me the steps and seems to use the correct variable of integration

Unfortunately I don't know how to translate that into your Pods.

WolframAlpha["int cos(tw+f)cos(t*w) over t",
 PodStates -> {"IndefiniteIntegral__Step-by-step solution"}]
Posted 1 year ago

Hi Vitaliy, does this mean that only when W|A has the "Step-by-step solution" pod, can one use this to get that step by step solution?

For example, I could not get the step by step solution for this integral with the same WolframAlpha function call. double integral example

Not for all W|A queries there are step-by-step solutions.

Thank you very very much Vitaliy!! Finally it works:)

P.s. Could you help me to write the statement to obtain step-by-step solution of x^2+x-5>=0? Thank you for everything.

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