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Change Font Size on TradingChart?

Posted 3 years ago
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I'm creating a TradingChart, but I need the font size to be larger for the labels along the axes (volume, time, and stock price). I tried LabelStyle -> Directive[Blue, 15], which does change the color, but does not affect the size of the font. On other plots, such a directive does change the font size as well. Can the font size on TradingChart be changed? If so, how?

The whole line of code is this:

Image[TradingChart["NCR", AspectRatio -> 1,  LabelStyle -> Directive[Blue, 15]], ImageSize -> {360, 360}]

Thanks in advance,

Mark Greenberg

3 Replies

Hi Marc,

I hope this wil help !

  , LabelStyle -> Directive[Blue, FontSize -> 20]
  , AspectRatio -> 1]
 , ImageSize -> {360, 360}]


That's what I needed. Thank you.

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