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Mark Greenberg
Mark Greenberg
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LOCATION: Scottsdale, Arizona
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I am a semi-retired educator who programs as a hobby. My main focus in programming is to write apps that help students learn. I've been enjoying the Wolfram Language since 2016.

More specifically, Over a span of twenty years I taught English, math, video game design, and wrestling in urban high schools in the Phoenix area, serving in quasi-administrative roles such as department chair, articulation coordinator, etc. Since about 1997, I have been creating computer games as study aids, first in Hypercard, then in various other scripting tools and languages. Anyone can visit my website and play the more than 100 math games. My academic trivia game Chicken Scratch was so popular when I was teaching, that students would line up every lunch hour to play. Now that I am retired from full-time teaching, I spend my time designing games and other academic programs in the Wolfram Language, tutoring, and teaching English to adults.

I enjoy life in sunny Phoenix, Arizona with my wife. I think that retirement should be an opportunity to explore on my own rather than take one long vacation. Currently, that means diving into the Wolfram Language.