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Advice on Wolfram Products for my website

Posted 11 years ago
Hi all,

I'm one of the founders of a soon to be launched website called [currently under construction].

This site aims to help & assist learners from all walks of life who are either in High school or Tertiary level with their Mathematics problems & issues here in South Africa.

So far i have discovered these two products Demonstration & Mathworld that I would like to obtain for my website even though it looks like I'm only scratching the surface here. 

And I would like some advice/tips on what & how to acquire other Wolfram products whether free or needing payment ,that can be preferably incorporated into the site and make the Mathematics subject Fun and Interactive for the learners. At a later stage I would like to grow the program to include other subjects like Physical Science & Geography. 
POSTED BY: sihle mgobozi
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Hi Arnoud and Kathy I will definitely check out the links!!

And Kathy I'm looking forward to the Conference!!

Thanks a lot you guys your response is greatly appreciated!!
POSTED BY: sihle mgobozi
Hello Sihle,

Welcome to the Wolfram Community!

I recently posted links to several resources for teaching high school math using Mathematica, which you may find useful:

The Wolfram Education Portal would be another great resource to add to your web site. Here visitors can find dynamic teaching and learning tools including dynamic textbooks, lesson plans, widgets, interactive Demonstrations, and more...all organized by course. Currently the site provides materials for teaching and learning algebra, calculus, precalculus, and physics I (mechanics), but more are planned for the future.

Depending on how your web site will be structured, you may also want to consider adding Wolfram|Alpha widgets to your pages. Widgets can allow visitors to calculate answers (using Wolfram|Alpha) to certain math problems and explore mathematical phenomenon right on your web site.

Next month, we'll be hosting the Wolfram Virtual Conference for Education 2013, which is focused on using Wolfram technology for STEM education. I'd love to see you there. We'll be posting details and a link to register soon.

Here is a nice video introduction and overview into educational resources:
POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
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