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Web deployment of document containing URLSave function

Posted 11 years ago
Is it possible to deploy a Mathematica notebook which contains a dynamic URLSave function? My code has the following structure:
web = URLSave["", Close[OpenTemporary[]]]
Dynamic[web, UpdateInterval -> 20, TrackedSymbols -> {}, SynchronousUpdating -> False]
The problem is when I start to deploy it, in the last step after I indicate in which folder to save the CDF file, then this error appears:

Select::normal: Nonatomic expression expected at position 1 in
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You probably want to use RunScheduledTask for this purpose:

task := URLSave["", Close[OpenTemporary[]]];
RunScheduledTask[task, 20]
POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
Do you use the function Select[] in your code?  If so, will you please provide that section of code also.

If you do not use the Select[] function in your code, then this would indicate an issue with the CDF deploy process.
I went through the process myself as best as I could given the information you have provided so far.  I did not see 
any issues, so, to directly answer your question, it seems to me that it is possible to deploy a Mathematica 
notebook which contains a dynamic URLSave function, since I was able to do so using Windows version 9.0.1.

I would need more information in order to determine what is causing the error message.
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