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Can Wolfram|Alpha be used by elementary and middle school math students?

Posted 4 years ago
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I am new to WolframAlpha and I am homeschooling my grandchildren. Can WolframAlpa use by middle and middle school math students?
Iam looking for step by step solving equations for fractions, mixed numbers, graphs, geomentry, Algerbraic formulus. If WolframAlpha is not the berst website, perhaps you can recommend me a website to assist elementary and middle school students in math. Thank you,

3 Replies

Hi Thomas, I gathered some partial screenshots for a couple of the specific examples you gave. below are the URLs.

Thanks for the question, Peter





You might want to take a look at this link Using Wolfram|Alpha in the Classroom and see some lessons plans there.

As indicted in responses, Wolfram|Alpha can be used for the requested purpose. I want to mention that there is also some amount of material at, with some classified by US curriculum standards.

There is a coarser classification for math and some other areas that can be found as follows.

(1) Near bottom of page for demonstrations, under "Browse Topics", click on the "pi" symbol next to "Mathematics" (2) This takes one to the page Click on icon near top, to the left of "School Mathematics" (3) This opens a set of categories, amongst them "Middle School Mathematics", "Elementary School K-2 Mathematics", "Integers", Pre-Algebra", maybe 24 in all. Click on any to get relevant Demonstrations.

I do not claim that all of them will be relevant, but I believe there is a fair amount of useful work for purposes of math education at the levels under consideration.

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