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Is Facebook Report feature working at all?

Posted 4 years ago
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I tried generating a report and could not. I've explicitly given access to the FB app in FB settings and allow it when it asks for permissions after launching it from Also, I've read that blog posts that talk about FB deprecating their API and the report not being so rich anymore. However, in my case, I am not getting any report whatsoever. After allowing WolframAlpha, the control just returns to the page I started with (linked above).

What am I doing wrong? How can I generate some report, any report?

6 Replies

Hello Ashish:

There does not appear to be anything you can do. Running it from the W|a search bar wanted me to log into both W|a and no avail. I also tried these:

WolframAlpha["facebook report"]

SocialMediaData["Facebook", "Friends"]

SocialMediaData["Twitter", "Followers"]

It looks like this function (introduced in V9) is no longer available.

You could report it to the support group (I am sure they already know).

I did some brief testing with another social media domain which was apparently supported at one time, according to the documentation (SocialMediaData).

Trying to use Linked in retrieved the following error messages:

error returned with socialMediaDAta[]

It is interesting that the system is reporting an oAuth flow error about invalid consumer key. When it asked me to login, the consumer key (configured in Mma) is shown in the URL.

authorization URL

I do not believe that we (as users) can change this in the configuration┬ůmaybe it is exposed somewhere.

Posted 4 years ago

Yes, I had fun in early v 9 with all of the graphs, etc. No more.

Posted 4 years ago

Thank you Daman:

I was able to use ServiceConnect[]/ServiceObject[] to successfully connect and extract data from Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.

There are varying levels of supported data, but I can guess that when I dig out the corresponding APIs, lots of information will be available.

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