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Wolfram|Alpha says "invalid appid"... how to rectify?

Posted 7 years ago

On my Samsung s6, my w\Wolfram Alpha app (and even the Web version in the chrome app) continually responds to my queries with "invalid appid". Does anyone know how to overcome this technical difficulty? Thanks for your time everyone!

POSTED BY: Aaron Bondy
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Posted 4 years ago

One possible cause is a delay in a new App ID being propagated to the servers. I created an App ID and got this error for the first few minutes; then it started working.

POSTED BY: Felix Pahl
Posted 4 years ago

The same

POSTED BY: ruben blazquez

Please contact Wolfram|Alpha support team directly:

POSTED BY: Moderation Team

I got the same problem. I also cant compute anything in the browser version. Ill update if I find a solution. Hope it gets fixed :)

POSTED BY: Thomas Vellekoop
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