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Mathematica vs. R at GitHub

Posted 6 years ago
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In brief

This post is to announce the repository MathematicaVsR at GitHub that has example projects, code, and documents for comparing Mathematica with R.

My plan is to proclaim new completed Mathematica-vs-R projects here, in this discussion, and when appropriate make separate Community posts about them.

Mission statement

The development in the MathematicaVsR at GitHub repository aims to provide a collection of relatively simple but non-trivial example projects that illustrate the use of Mathematica and R in different statistical, machine learning, scientific, and software engineering programming activities.

Each of the projects has implementations and documents made with both Mathematica and R -- hopefully that would allow comparison and knowledge transfer.

Where to begin

This presentation, "Mathematica vs. R" given at the Wolfram Technology Conference 2015 is probably a good start.

As a warm-up of how to do the comparison see this mind-map (which is made for Mathematica users):

Projects overview

Abbreviations table

enter image description here

Projects overview table

In the following table the projects in italics are partially completed -- they have only a Mathematica or an R part. (Note that this is a screenshot, see the list of links below or the repository page for a clickable table.)

enter image description here

  1. BrowsingDataWithChernoffFaces
  2. DataWrangling
  3. DistributionExtractionAFromGaussianNoisedMixture
  4. HandwrittenDigitsClassificationByMatrixFactorization
  5. ODEsWithSeasonalities
  6. ProgressiveJackpotModeling
  7. RegressionWithROC
  8. StatementsSaliencyInPodcasts
  9. TextAnalysisOfTrumpTweets
  10. TimeSeriesAnalysisWithQuantileRegression

Future projects

The future projects are listed in order of their completion time proximity -- the highest in the list would be committed the soonest.

  1. Personal banking data obfuscation

  2. Independent Component Analysis (ICA) programming and basic applications

  3. Prefix trees (tries) programming and basic applications

  4. High Performance Computing (HPC) projects -- Spark, H2O, etc.

  5. Comparison of PCA, NNMF, and ICA over image de-noising

  6. Informal verification of time series co-dependency

  7. Functional parsers programming and basic applications

  8. Recommendation engines

  9. Lebesgue numerical integration

  10. Conversational engines

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov
2 Replies

enter image description here - another post of yours has been selected for the Staff Picks group, congratulations! We are happy to see you at the top of the "Featured Contributor" board. Thank you for your wonderful contributions, and please keep them coming!

POSTED BY: Moderation Team

Added a new project: TextAnalysisOfTrumpTweets ( Community link ).

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov
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