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A Mondrian Art Problem poster

Posted 2 years ago
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At Mondrian Art Problem I have updated code. A community post on the Mondrian problem talks about the related video. Basically, you want to divide a square into non-congruent rectangles so that the difference in the large/smallest areas is as small as possible. Since the video came out there have been many improvements by myself, Hannes Bassen and R. Gerbicz.

At Tightly Packed Squares, squares of size 1 to $n$ are packed into the smallest possible rectangle. I thought that combining my code might make an interesting poster.

Mondrian Art Problem poster

Yep, that looks entertaining.

2 Replies

Mondrinn Art Problem

Seems to work better with a grid of dots instead of text.

I've made the completely preposterous claim that the Mondrian upper bound is $\left \lceil{\frac n{\log(n)}}\right \rceil +3$.

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