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Plot Implicit function which contains Sum (sigma)

Posted 11 years ago
Dear friends,
Over the past week, I tried to plot implicit function by Mathematica but failed. I am very disappointed. Hopefully someone help me at this time.
My equation is given by (see below figure):

z0 := 6
d := 12

k := 11800
w0 := 0.025
w[z_] := sqrt[w0^2*(1 + (z/z0)^2)]

deltaphi0[z_] := 0.6/(1 + (z^2/z0^2))

R[z_] := z*(1 + (z0/z)^2)

wm0[z_] := sqrt[w^2/(2*m + 1)]

dm[z_] := (k/2)*((wm0)^2)

g[z_] := 1 + (d/R)

wm[z_] := wm0*sqrt[[g^2 + (d)^2/dm^2]]

Rm[z_] := d*(1 - g/(g^2 + (d/dm)^2))^(-1)

thetam[z_] := ArcTan[d/(dm*g)] 
I want to plot a graph to represent the dependence of r (z). I have tried the following code-Mathematica file
But Mathamatica plots 2 coordinate axes without data (no points).

Please help me!
This is the mathematica file and my function.
POSTED BY: Lam Nguyen
Your Mathematica file on Google drive does not download and your Mathematica code should be placed in a Mathematica cell using the Mcode button.
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