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Isaac Ayala Lozano
Isaac Ayala Lozano
Wolfram Student Ambassador
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Pleasure meeting you.

I'm Isaac Ayala, an undergraduate student in Mechatronics Engineering for Tec de Monterrey and a Wolfram Student Ambassador since June 2017.

I had the opportunity of participating the Wolfram Science Summer School 2016, an experience that I will never forget and that I recommend to anyone willing to participate in it.

I've worked in projects related to robotics and the automotive industry. I have always been passionate about technology and design, and as such I started my involvement with robotics during High School with the FIRST FRC team #3158 Tecbot. I participated as both a student and as a mentor.

As a student, I was one of three CAD supervisors working with Autodesk Inventor. And as a mentor, I was tasked with training students in Soldiworks and to ease the transition from one software solution to the next.

My involvement with the automotive industry comes from the PACE RSMS project, in which I had several roles. Starting as the lead supervisor for project documentation, I climbed all the way to becoming the Global Team Leader during the second year of the project.

I started using Mathematica during my first year in college, but it wasn't until I met my professor Miguel Ángel Hernández that I saw the real potential in Mathematica. Since then, I've tried my best to use Mathematica in as many courses as I am allowed to.

My interests go towards embeded systems, gaining a better understandment of real Mathematics (instead of just the Calculus classes that I've attended) and for robotics in general.