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Absolutely. Please feel free to email us at, once you are done with all the exercises. So glad to hear you found the course useful. Thank you for your feedback.
Unfortunately the course framework is not ready for release yet. We are only sharing a beta version with our study group attendees. We can include the link in our reminder emails, so you can get to it, even if you miss the live session.
![enter image description here][1] Join the [two-week online boot camp][2], to connect remotely with Wolfram instructors for a guided online introduction to applied multiparadigm data science. You will have the option to use either your own...
We'll be sending out the certificates of attendance shortly. Thank you for your patience.
This would be an interesting video to watch where [Stephen Wolfram explains][1] "What is the Wolfram Language?" ..... " a knowledge-based language" [1]:
Link has been fixed.
Thanks for your thoughtfulness about sharing answers. I'll take a look.
Hi Mitch, This can be done by hyperlinking to the cell in the original notebook. Make sure you tag that cell with a CellTag. Then create a hyperlink to the original notebook and select the cell tag within that notebook you would like to link to. ...
Thanks [@Michael Partensky][at0]. We will forward this to the author. [at0]:
Dear Jesus, Thank you for your kind feedback. Unfortunately we do not have something to share with you right now, but we hope to have some tools for our enthusiastic educators to create their own courses sometime in the future.