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Ahmed Elbanna
I am able to reproduce the issue by WL 13.2 on Windows 10 Home.
Here is one: &[Wolfram Notebook][1] [1]:
Hi Ed, Check this out Once you get an output, look for the step-by-step solution button on the top right corner of the solution.
> The idea was to show intermediate steps for teaching purposes. Yep, I thought that too. Very clear and easy to understand. Minimize[ ] gives its output in the form of {minimum value of the objective function, p->minimizing value of the...
Hi Jörn, You can also follow one of the groups this post belongs to, preferably Wolfram U group: - After opening the link above, follow the group by clicking the button "Join" near the...
Same here. Thank you, Henrik, for the tip.
I experience the same sometimes, but it didn't cause any issues. I think it is because the browser cache. I simply remove the old content, add the new stuff and it works fine.
Could you please clarify what you mean when you say, "Does not work!!"? The forms I showed evaluates fine to me. Maybe you include a notebook with your evaluation vs the expected one?
Hi Bernard, I attached the notebook for you.
Have you tried to right click on the code cell and use Copy as -> LaTeX ?