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Alec Graves
![enter image description here][1] But the header file claim "not yet implemented" [1]:
You can also modify the default theme and font for notebooks to make a custom dark theme with monospace. See [this community post]( for more details.
Maybe you could use windows functions to check running processes and see if wolfram engine is running, and manually start mathkernel as new process if it is not?
Why there's no (in addition to Chat-GPT interface with Wolfram Alpha) Google's Minerva math symbolic input interface to WolframAlpha?
The resource function [`DraculaTheme`]( is referenced in the paclet ["OpenAIMode"](
Building the documentation and paclet with Mathematica's "PacletTools" and "DocumentationTools" seems to have fixed this problem. As long as the documentation is built, installed, and indexed fully into the Wolfram Documentation Center, the hover...
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This is very nice and well put together! Thanks for sharing it with the community
Stephen Wolfram just published a new article: Wolfram|Alpha as the Way to Bring Computational Knowledge Superpowers to ChatGPT ...
Thanks. This was solved by unregistering one of the python distributions that I had on the system. The two methods were accessing different distributions.