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Arnoud Buzing
Fair enough... thanks!
Not sure if the "new" compiler (FunctionCompile) can be of use here. The workhorse function (NSolveValues) is already a C level function in the Wolfram Language and thus as fast as can be.
We'll take a look. Thanks for reporting this.
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&[Wolfram Notebook][1] [1]:
Note that this post came directly from the recently open sourced GurobiLink: Since version 12.2 of the Wolfram Language, various optimization functions already support the Method->"GUROBI" without...
Hi Henrick, I am going to take a stab at this, but your question is written in a very complicated way (try to ask a smaller simpler question, if at all possible; that way people may be able to help you quicker). Let's start with an association...
Just so I understand, for something like this: f /@ g /@ {1,2,3} You want a keystroke or menu item which adds parentheses, e.g. like so: f /@ ( g /@ {1,2,3} ) To make the grouping more clear?
Very cool! (Would be nice if Wolfram Language ran on more ARM platforms, including Linux)