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Congratulations. Welcome in Wolfram Mathematica. Very interesting work !!!
Thank you Abrita. Maybe it was my mistake that I had not seen the videos.
Week 3 Recap, Live UI Development and Mini Projects Solutions is not available.
Thank you Abrita for the detail and clear explanation. However the code doesn't give the required result (two^four, three^four) SequenceCases[{one, two, three, four}, {x_, y_, z_} :> y^z, Overlaps -> True] However this works as expected:...
Thank you for the reply. It works perfectly.
Thank you for your comments and help.
Thank you very much for your reply Prof. Craig.
I would like to have a locator list plot with some points that I would like to move only vertically (or horizontally) Manipulate[ ListPlot[p, PlotRange -> {{0, Automatic}, {0, Automatic}}], {t, 0, 0.2}, {{p, {{1, 1}, {2,...
Great answers as always! Thanks.