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The described bugs seems to be fixed in version 12.0.
Really cool! thanks for sharing!
Amazing. With some tuning, you can even make it shorter, as you started the code arranging the data as a matrix which I wished I had time to do it. This can handle several variables in at same time like the way I did it in the GeoRegionValuePlot...
Hi Vitaliy Kaurov!! Thank You very much for your genial illustration. I am very impressed
Thanks, Carl! Typo corrected. `TextCell` is a nice idea, - I also like that `TextJustification` can be used.
The reason for the vastly different number of primes for various bases is elementary number theory. When extending a prime p we form an arithmetic progression p + i*b^k, for i=1,...,b-1. The density of primes for such a progression is given by the...
Using the nonlinear solver would be great indeed, Alexander! Cheers, Ron
Sure! Thanks for adding the images. I'll update the OP with the details.
Yes! It's quite easy to do in the outer space ;-)
Your code floats like a butterfly! For conjectures if you are only interested those related to point M, you can extract the statement by adding a `Pattern` into the `FindGeometricConjectures`: In[1]:=...