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Diego Ramos
Hi Jim, thanks for your comment. Yes, I asked myself the same question, I thought that the F statistic was not used for non-linear models but then I realized that it was, and I had to build it from the information in "ANOVATable".
Thank you! Now I have it. Amazing tool, sure it will help me to develop my contents.
&[Wolfram Notebook][1] [1]:
&[Wolfram Notebook][1] [Original]: [1]:
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Hi! I have posted this question in the following link. Thanks for your suggestions!
Operate over the complete Graphics command may produce undesired outputs, as the coordinates axes are not left fixed. One way is to use Rule transformations on the Graphics Primitives that you need as follows&[Wolfram Notebook][1] [1]:...
It may be useful to convert that data within the Wolfram Data Framework. For that you can use the knowledge representation as entities as follows: ![enter image description here][1] Once you get this, you can extract the desired properties...
Hi Ahmed Oh I see! This allows me to suspect that it is my system. Thanks!
Thanks!, I will do it.