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Dmitri Volkov
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Dmitri Volkov is a rising junior at Ridgefield High School, CT who has been interested in programming from a young age. Dmitri is familiar with a number of programming languages, including (but not limited to) Python, Java, Racket, and Jelly (and now, of course, the Wolfram Language). Computation concepts that interest Dmitri include functional programming, logic programming, domain-specific languages, cryptography, and artificial intelligence. Dmitri co-leads two extracurricular programing groups: one that teaches basic programming to middle-schoolers, and another that facilitates collaboration between high-schoolers on programming projects. He also code-golfs (hence the Jelly). Dmitri uses an Arch-based Linux distribution as his primary operating system. Besides computer science, Dmitri is also interested in music, particularly contemporary styles (including free jazz and contemporary classical). He was a national runner-up in the National Federation of Music Clubs' composition competition. Besides composition, Dmitri also can fluently play the violin, trombone, and mandolin (and can play other instruments decently as well). When not being productive, Dmitri enjoys being consumptive via the reading of books, or the occasional playing of a tabletop or video game. Dmitri attended the Wolfram Summer Camp for High-Schoolers in 2019.