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Has nobody got any thoughts on this?
Hi Rohit Thank you for that. I assume the fact that you refer to this as the "Wolfram Language" means you probably work for Wolfram Research, as almost everyone else would call it Mathematica. You are obviously very skilled at this. For us who use...
Thank you for your help. Dave
Thank you. That works, and the meaning is quite clear.
Thank you Rohit. Looking at the TreeForm and FreeForm is instructive. Unfortuately Range[550, 1200] // Select[IntegerQ[(2^# - 2)/#] && Not[PrimeQ[#]] &] gives an error, about Select requiring 2 or 3 arguments, not 1.
Thank you. That should solve my problem. The list is only 1601 elements long, so I don't think computational time will be an issue, but I guess one is likely to be quicker than the other.
Thank you everyone. Using NumberForm[] achieves what I wanted to achieve. Dave
It's odd that there are two replies, with one saying the file looks ok if they save as a PDF, and another saying there are two font in there. I have tried changing the font of the complete lot to something else, then going back to what was the...
Thank you everyone.
Thank you both. I was not aware of the === operator. I was only aware of the = and == operators. I guess an advantage of the **Switch** command over the **If** command, is that if I make a typo, and mean to set the sex to *male*, but accidentally...