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That link that you (David) posted does seem to work. It looks like they have quite a small recurrent neural net going, but it looks like fun. I'll certainly revisit that when I get to look at implementing a recurrent net. I think for the next...
I reinstalled the CDF player and indeed, there is no problem any more as Mr. Binder pointed out. I recently upgraded to 10.4 and apparently you also have to upgrade the CDF-player?
Hi All, I find this ['MCMC' package][1] that can perform Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations. However, I found this package doesn't use much of the built-in stochastic process functions. Also, due to my very limited knowledge of stochastic...
it should be: script = Flatten[Table[Table[i, {i, blocks[[j]] + 3, blocks[[j + 1]] - 1}], {j, Length[blocks] - 1}]]; you lost the 'Table'
Thank you, your dragon is great :)
Awesome simulation, Great job, congrats :)
Thank you, very useful. I'm also tryin to experiment woflgram for twitter
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