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Fantastic, many thanks!!! Francisco
Thank you for this. But next time do not lecture me for asking. It doesn't help anybody, certainly not Mathematica
Hello. I am trying to use WL to manage all the data and stuff I have. There is an app called Evernote, which I use to take notes, etc. Is there some way to import an Evernote note or notebook into Wolfram? Any help appreciated. Francisco
Many thanks for your suggestion Daniel, will try it!
Many thanks Eric and Rohit, very useful!
This is a fantastic resource, many thanks. I have a question concerning Datasets. When comparing associations to lists, I have found that the efficiency gain of using associations instead of lists can be very, very substantial. Is there an...
Fantastic tutorial, thanks!
Hello. Is it possible to read the contents of a Word document into Mathematica? Thinking on both .doc and docx extensions. If so, how? Thanks in advance! Francisco
Sorry for my delay in answering Rohit, and many thanks for this. It worked perfectly!
I am registered in the course, but I am not getting the messages with the links to be able to attend the sessions.